Fun with Up-cycling

As the author and designer of Junkcraft Books, I love turning throw-away items from the recycle bin into cool creations. Back in 2012 I began publishing craft books with the aim of inspiring others to have a go. Explore the website, try your hand at my free makes, and please leave comments. I love to hear from other crafters. Tell your friends about the website and share the fun of Junkcrafting on your Facebook page. More…

Engineering for Kids

Junkcraft is more than just toilet tubes and sticky tape. It is about coming up with problem-solving ideas that can develop into real life solutions to change the world around us. Click the spinning globe to see some great examples of how this has worked for young people around the world.


Books and activities are based on clever repurposing of everyday household throw-aways. Look out for amazing monthly Craft Pages in DC Thomson’s Thunderbirds-Are-Go and Danger Mouse magazines.


“To  invent  you  need  a  good  imagination  and  a  pile  of  junk”  Thomas  Edison

Rethink Rubbish

With so many great plastic bottles and throw-aways these days, it has never been easier to make something cool and creative from recycled junk. All you need is a bit of imagination, some glue, paints, and a few basic tools.

The results are amazing. Watch this short video and see for yourself.